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It was a few months before I got married when I realised that I was going to end up with two hyphens in my name – most people don’t even have one!! It was too late to back out by then so I decided to accept my fate and immerse myself in my new USP, and was born. Turns out there are others with two hyphens in their names too – Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is one of the fastest women sprinters in the world over 100 metres....


Like my name, I want to bring something a bit unusual to each project I work on, producing design that solves a problem, tells a story, or makes a statement. Original, self motivated, outgoing and passionate about what I do, my work reflects a lot of energy and shows my enthusiasm for new ideas. One of my strengths is my adaptability. I can work alone or as part of a team and I am able to move easily between disciplines – this is seen in my portfolio of work whether it be concept design or art direction, branding or print management. I am confident, easy to work with and I can think on my feet.


I am confident in generating new ideas. I regularly work closely with others interpreting their thoughts, helping to create original visual concepts. I have an excellent understanding of the CS software suite, I have made a few short films and I can also bookbind.


One of my passions is travel. In 2014 I returned to the UK from just over a year of travelling across 26 countries. I loved experiencing other cultures and am very much look forward to being able to use my experiences in my design work. 


I like to be busy, so if I’m not at work, I’m out with family and friends. I am always self-initiating projects, whether they be design orientated or not. I have run the Great North Run half-marathon 3 times and subsequently organised several fundraising events. I am about to embark upon a victorian house restoration project where I am hoping to use some of my creativity as well as elbow grease. I also like the normal stuff, reading a good book, I love going to the cinema, and wandering around a good art exhibition. I am still working on turning the Span-glish I learned whilst travelling into fluent Spanish... 

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